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Duncan and Chemainus

Updated: Feb 6

Duncan - "The City of Totems"

For those looking to explore further afield, Freedom Adventure Bus offers an unparalleled experience with a journey to the city of Duncan, home to the world's largest collection of publicly displayed totem poles.

Located just a short hour's drive north of Victoria, guests can observe first-hand the historical and cultural significance behind the City of Totems’ collection of 44 hand-carved totem poles created by Indigenous master artisans. Take in the stunning sights and appreciate these impressive works of art at this unique destination.

Along the route, you’ll also have an opportunity to browse local boutique shops, enjoy a bite at one of the cafes, or visit the Westholme Tea Company. They are the first and only commercial organic tea growers in Canada. Westholme tea bushes “steeped in nature” have been growing right here in the Cowichan Valley for nearly a decade. The owners create ceramic wares to accompany each unique flavor of tea adding an extra touch of sophistication to your tea-drinking experience, making it truly special.

With FAB, you can be sure you won’t miss out on any of the attractions that make Duncan unique.


Chemainus, The Little Town that Did!

Chemainus is a heartfelt small Pacific Coast Vancouver Island community that has developed into an alluring tourism destination.  This 156-year-old town is a centre for music, theatre, art, festivals, haute cuisine, and an abundance of  outdoor activities including scuba diving.

Local, national, and international artists have created a magnificent outdoor chronicle of pioneer heritage on the public buildings, fire hall, railway station, and businesses of this “little town that did”.  It is home to 63 world-renowned original murals!  Along with sculptures and paintings the murals form a mosaic that illustrates the area’s history and distinctive cultural lifestyle, which was created by a group of local visionaries when the timber industry declined. 

Follow the yellow footprints on the sidewalk for a self-guided tour or join an interpretive guide for an in-depth explanation of the murals’ vivid history, the culture, and the traditions of the people. 

In the domain of “You Have to See It to Believe It”, scuba divers have been travelling to Chemainus to dive the only completely intact Boeing 737 artificial reef in the world. The 100’- by-100’ plane, cleaned to its bare shell was lowered into the Georgia Strait off Chemainus in 2006 and donated to the Artificial Reef Society of British Columbia.  To prevent damaging the delicate sea floor, the plane rests on an 11’ high support cradle that allows scuba enthusiasts to observe the 120+ species of marine and sea life that have made this artificial habitat their home.

Boeing 737 aircraft
A scuba diving experience not to be missed!

By night, The Chemainus Dinner Theatre is a  venue not to be overlooked.  A professional performing arts theatre where exceptional live productions explore and nourish truth, hope, redemption, love, and the human spirit" by means of extraordinary live performances. 

Each summer, it presents five mainstage productions, including award-winning comedies, musicals, classic dramas, original premiere plays, and children's programs.

The elegant Italianate building with a domed foyer and sweeping staircase houses a 274-seat intimate theatre, and a large dining room.  In addition to an exceptional gift shop filled with artisanal gifts and souvenirs.  On performance nights, the buffet dining and theatre package is a highly popular evening venue for locals and visitors.

A remarkable number of visitors who vacationed in Chemainus are now members of the 5,000+ “Chemaniacs” who use the towns own local currency with over $50,000 in circulation.


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